History & Heritage — VISIT COFFEYVILLE (2024)

Coffeyville is rich in history and has many stories to tell. Discover unique artifacts at our diverse museums in Coffeyville and the surrounding areas. Retrace the Dalton Raid history, explore 20,000 square feet in the historic Brown Mansion, & learn about Coffeyville’s aviation history.


2002 N Buckeye, Pfister Park

Tours During the week by appointment Call: 620-251-2145.

Fridays, Saturday & Sundays 1-4pm

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Donations are accepted in lieu of admission

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Catch a glimpse of Coffeyville’s role in aviation history at the Aviation Heritage Museum. Dedicated to early aviation and pioneer pilots of the area, the museum features memorabilia from the Coffeyville Air Base, a Funk airplane that was owned by Joe Funk, and many other displays. Coffeyville has witnessed aviation activities as far back as the year 1900. The first local flights begin by free balloon and the first airplanes were brought here during the Fair & Rodeo in 1909. The Museum is housed in a 1930’s era hangar that was used when the Big Hill Airport was in operation from 1933 to 1960. The hangar was constructed in 1933 as a Works Progress Administration project.


South Walnut & Eldridge Street


Guided tours are available the first week of March through the last Saturday in October, Tuesday through Saturday at 1pm and 3pm or by appointment.

Combo tickets with the Dalton Defenders Museum.

Paranormal tours are available by appointment. Please call the mansion at 620-251-0431 or the Tourism Director at 620-251-2550.

Take a step back in time to the elegant lifestyle of the early 1900’s. This three story, historic home contains the original furniture, wall, floor coverings and a full basem*nt. The main floor has nine rooms, including the dining room featuring a signed Tiffany chandelier. The second floor housed sleeping quarters with five bedrooms and three full baths, and a ballroom graces the entire third floor. The full basem*nt includes the butler quarters, laundry, heating systems, walk-in ice box, wine cellar, Potting room, and more.

Dalton Defenders & Coffeyville History Museum

814 Walnut St.

(620) 251-5944

Monday-Saturday 10-4, Sunday 1-4

Call ahead for prices

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Come visit the Dalton Defenders Museum and explore the history and artifacts from the past. The Dalton Defenders museum contains artifacts from the famous Dalton Raid on October 5, 1892. The Dalton Gang tried to do the unthinkable and rob two banks at the same time here in Coffeyville. The gang was made up of the Dalton Brothers (Emmett, Bob, Grat), Bill Power and Dick Broadwell. As the gang crossed the Plaza to enter the two banks, they were recognized and the alarm by the citizens was sounded. The citizens then armed themselves to confront the bandits and after the 12 minute battle, eight men died including four of Coffeyville’s defenders. Along with the Dalton Gang artifacts the museum also includes a lot of other Coffeyville history.



807 Walnut St.

(620) 251-2550

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Monday-Friday 9-5

Continue reliving the Dalton Raid by touring the Old Condon Bank, located in the Perkins Building. This building has been restored to the condition at the time of the Dalton Raid. The Condon Bank was raided by Grat Dalton, Bill Power and Dick Broadwell during that infamous day on October 5, 1892. It was only the valiant efforts of the local Coffeyville citizens that prevented the Dalton Gang from getting away with their daring robbery attempt. Check our Visitor’s center located inside the Perkins building. Receive information, check out the gift shop and of course enjoy a free tour of the bank.

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Omar Knedlik, inventor of the Icee, owned the Dairy Queen in Coffeyville, Kansas. When his drink dispenser broke down, Omar stored the carbonated bottle drinks in the deep freeze. The drinks had to be taken out soon enough or they would freeze and explode. Omar found his customers rather enjoyed the icy slush. Knedlik said to himself, “Why not make a machine for people to enjoy the semi- frozen drink all the time?” After four years, a patent and the Mitchell Company in Dallas, Texas to manufacture the machines, the Icee machine was ready. Overnight, the fun, frozen drink took the country by storm. Omar’s hard work paid off. today, Icee’s are being enjoyed around the world. Stop in the Perkins Building at 807 Walnut in Coffeyville, and enjoy an Icee in the home of the Icee, Coffeyville, Kansas.

Thank you Omar Knedlik!

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Death Alley & Old City Jail

West of Walnut between 8th & 9th Street

Explore Death Alley where the Dalton Gang members tied their horses up, and where the raid ended. The old city jail cell was originally down this alley, today you will see it reconstructed with the original rock. Push the button to hear the Dalton story and watch the jail cell light up to see the “Dalton Gang” inside. You will find 3 outlines of Dalton Gang bodies in the alley along with the 4th and final plaque for our Coffeyville citizen that was killed. Don’t forget to check out the original Don Sprague mural of the cowboys shooting, watch the one in the green shirt he will be watching you as you walk by!

“Not in Our Town.”


1701 Elmwood Dr

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Elmwood Cemetery is best known as the burial site of 3 members of the Dalton gang and two town defenders. Coffeyville was where the Dalton Gang, made up of Grat Dalton, Bob Dalton, Emmett Dalton, Bill Power, and Dick Broadwell, met their fate when they tried to rob two banks at the same time. In the cemetery just west of the Dalton Gang graves is Frank Dalton’s grave, who was one of their other brothers. Frank was a US Marshal killed in the line of duty near Ft. Smith, Arkansas. Elmwood Cemetery is the resting place of many very well known and influential people of Coffeyville.

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Isham True Value Hardware

811 Union St

(620) 251-0790

Monday-Friday 8-5 Saturday 8-12

Take a step back in time and explore the original hardware store from which many citizens obtained guns to stop the Dalton Gang. Isham’s opened in 1870 and has had its doors open since, in their original location. Only 2 families have owned and operated the hardware store and it is the oldest hardware store in Kansas. As you retrace the footsteps of the Dalton Raid don’t forget to stop in Isham’s to hear some history and shop around. If Isham’s doesn’t have it, then you don’t need it!

History & Heritage — VISIT COFFEYVILLE (2024)
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