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1. Welcome to the Fannin County Assessors Office Web Site!

  • Our office is open to the public from 8:00 AM until 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday. The goal of the Fannin County Assessors Office is to provide the people ...

  • NOTICE TO PROPERTY OWNERS AND OCCUPANTS In accordance with Georgia law (OCGA 48-5-264.1) please be advised that the properties located in Fannin County may be visited by our appraisal staff for property review concerning an appeal filed, return filed, construction of new improvements or additions and /or conservation use applications. The Appraiser/Data Collector will have a photo identification badge and will be driving an appropriately marked vehicle. Please contact our office at (706) 632-5954 if you have any further questions. Is the property you are researching taxes a vacation rental, a home on a the lake, or has a business on the property? Please be aware there could be Personal Property taxes due on the Residential parcel. A vacation rental will say Equipment in the digest and not have the Parcel number noted. A property on the lake could have a Boat that is part of the sale and will be noted in the digest as a Boat. We suggest looking under the Owner's Name in the digest. Kim Callihan in the Tax Assessor's office, Suite 102, 706.632.5954, can assist.

2. Contact Us - Fannin County Assessor's Office

  • Fannin County Tax Assessors Office 400 West Main Street, Suite 102. Blue Ridge, GA 30513. Phone: 706-632-5954. Fax: 706-632-8753. E ... © 2004 by qpublic.net.

  • Fannin County Tax Assessors Office 400 West Main Street, Suite 102 Blue Ridge, GA 30513 Phone: 706-632-5954 Fax: 706-632-8753 E-Mail: fancounty@tds.net

3. Fannin County GA

4. Property Search – Fannin CAD – Official Site

  • Property Search · Property Search · Contact Information · Menu · LOCATION MAP · LINKS · © 2024 Copyright Fannin Central Appraisal District - Official Site - Web ...

  • Property Search

5. Property Records Online | Department of Revenue - Georgia.gov

  • https://qpublic.schneidercorp.com/Application.aspx?App=DawsonCountyGA&L… ... www.qpublic.net/ga/fannin/ · Fayette · www.fayettecountyga.gov/assessors_office ...

  • If you encounter a problem accessing a website on this list, you will need to contact the office of the Board of Tax Assessors or the Tax Commissioner in the county. The Board of Tax Assessors is responsible for property valuations, and the Tax Commissioner is responsible for collecting property taxes. The Department of Revenue is not responsible for maintenance of county websites.

Property Records Online | Department of Revenue - Georgia.gov

6. Property Taxes - Fannin County GA

  • Fannin County real estate and business personal property taxes are due by December 20th. If taxes are not collected on the property, it may be levied upon and ...

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7. County Public Records - Georgia MLS

  • Fannin · http://www.qpublic.net/ga/fannin/ · Fayette · //maps.fayettecountyga.gov · Floyd · http://www.qpublic.net/ga/floyd/ · Forsyth · http://www.qpublic.net/ ...

  • Search for single family homes in Georgia

8. Search County Property Tax Facts by Map | Department of Revenue

  • Fannin, Blue Ridge, McCaysville and Morganton. Fayette, Brooks, Fayetteville, Peachtree City, Tyrone and Woolsey. Floyd, Cave Spring and Rome. Forsyth, Cumming.

  • This section provides information on property taxation in the various counties in Georgia; filing a property tax return, homestead exemptions, and appealing a property tax assessment.

Search County Property Tax Facts by Map | Department of Revenue
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