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[Hello, My Sexy Muffins! I am here with a new story. You all cannot stop me from writing! Not even God(s) can stop me! Enjoy this chapter, muffins!]

(Name's POV)

I woke up to my alarm clock blaring, I looked at it and my eyes wide. "sh*t! I am going to be late on my first day!" I shout and jump out of bed, rushing to the bathroom.

I strip and throw myself together, getting into my new uniform. No time to eat! I need to be at work before my shift starts! Today I am starting my dream job. I am going to be working at the Mega Pizzaplex. With Animatronics. I learned how to work with them. Being in training for a year with the software. Hands-on experience. I get to work and rush in.

"You are late." A Man says glaring at me. "Come with me, we need to get you microchipped."

I knew about the microchip. I had to sign papers to be approved. I swallow hard at that. It will be weird that is for sure. They press the chip gun to my temple and it goes off.

"f*ck!" I curse.

"Do not be a baby." He shoots at me. "That links you up to the software and it will give you tasks."

"Cool," I say and he leaves me.

"HE Will help you." The man says and I walk away and suddenly a bear appears.

He is a purple-tinted bear, with a few black lines on him. He is in a mechanic suit. "Hello there, (Name) (Last Name)." It says, and it weirds me out that he knows my name. "I am Helpy. I will assign you tasks and such, you can turn me off but I will always be here to help if you need me! Your first task of the day is to clock in. Cannot have one of the Fazbear staff working off the clock. That is a lawsuit!"

"Okay, Helpy," I say and go to do just that.

He vanishes and I clock in, he appears again. "Great job, bunny! Now you have to go introduce yourself to the Glamrocks!"

"Alright, Helpy," I tell him and he is gone again.

I head over to the Rockstar area and there they are waiting around. I remember when Bonnie and Foxxy use to work here. They had been decommissioned. I did not like the idea of that. The animatronics are clearly sentient. They can feel and hurt. So to put them down like that. It did not sit right with me.

"Hello," I say walking over. Wow... They are much taller up close, at least nine feet. "I am the new Animatronic Handler, (Name) (Last Name)."

They all seem to stare at me and their eyes go purple. They must be scanning me. That is what at least makes sense.

(Freddy's POV)

She is so beautiful, I never met such a stunning human. She also seems to be important to this William guy. I shake my head. I do not need him getting in the way. I smile at (Name).

"Hello, Superstar!" I greet. "I am Glamrock Freddy, but you can just call me Freddy."

"It is nice to meet you, Freddy." She says with a smile and holds out her hand.

I take it in mine, her hand is so small, so delicate, so... breakable.

"Move Freddy!" I hear Roxy say. "You are hogging her!"

"Oh, sorry, Roxy," I say and move out of the way and Roxy moves in front of her.

I... I do not like how close Roxy is to her. I did not want to share her with the Violent wolf, Roxy could hurt her.

(Roxy's POV)

"Now, I bet I am your favorite! I am Roxanne Wolf, the best Animatronic here!" I tell her. "You can call me Roxy."

I am nervous that she will not like me though.

"I do not know much about you, but I am sure you are the best." She tells me and holds out her hand to me. "It is very nice to meet you, Roxy!"

She thinks I am the best! HA! Of course she does, I am the best! I am about to take her hand in mine, but Monty shoves me out of the way.

"What The Fudge Stick!" I shout, my swear words being filtered out as I am in child-friendly mode.

"You are in the way, Wolf," Monty says. "You cannot have the human to yourself."

I growl at him. If (Name) was not here, I would rip him to shreds. "Fine," I growl out and glare at him as he turns to her. The f*cking overgrown lizard.

(Monty's POV)

I smirk down at the little human, I could snap her in half like a twig. She is also really cute, I want to wrap her up and keep her. I know I cannot do that yet. I cannot wait until I can though. I will make her mine, and she will be mine forever, screw that William Bastard.

"Hello, Cutie, the name is Monty~," I say leaning down over her. "You better remember it~"

She blushes at the drawl in my voice and almost takes a step back. "Nice to meet you, Monty."

I smirk and lean down more only to get smacked in the back of the head.

"Stop being a creep Monty!" Chica squawks at me. "You are creeping her out!"

I growl at her and turn to her. "Why do you not mind your business birdbrain!"

She shoves me away from me and pecks my arm. "Away with you, you Creepy Gator!"

I growl and watch as Chica turns to, MY (Name).

(Chica's POV)

"Hey, cutie! Do not mind Monty, he is just a total creep." I tell her. "I am Galmrock Chica! You can call Me Chica! Do you like Pizza? We can have lunch together! You and Me like a date!"

She smiles. "I do like Pizza, It is nice to meet you Chica, I do not know about that date."

I would pout if I could. "Awwww, come on cutie, it will be fun."

She smiles. "I will think about it..."

I grin and smirk at the other three, I am one step closer to her and they are not!

[YASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS another first chapter is done! I hope you all enjoyed this, and stay sexy, all of my sexy muffins!]

Animatronic Handler: Various Yandere FNAF Security Breach X Reader - Chapter 1 - TheYandereSpecialistEPICNESSQUEEN (2024)
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