Yandere! FNAF x Reader - Yandere! Freddy x Reader (2024)


A/N WOAHHHHH IS THAT WHAT I THINK IT IS?!?? *Looks at the person who requested this* A FREDDY FANGIRL?! SO RARE THESE DAYS xD
Okay, I don't know if you really are a Freddy fangirl or you just requested this but if you are a Freddy fangirl . . . I respect you so much

They are really hard to find these days! Like, all you see now is the Vincent/Purple Guy and Foxy fangirls running over the fandom!

Btw, if anyone is actually reading this, the animatronics are HUMAN!!

So yeah, imagine Freddy in a waiter outfit or something


~ * This chapter thingy will take place in the first game * ~
* Also sorry for any mistakes *

"D-Dammit . . ." I cursed, tapping on every single camera on the tablet, looking out for the main attraction in the whole pizzeria, Freddy Fazbear. Lately, he has been getting off of his stage more commonly, worrying me more and more as the cameras showed its static screen for a split second, showing the hall once again where Freddy will most likely be at, and there he was, staring into the camera with his demonic blue eyes.

"Son of a-" I stopped in mid sentence as I looked at the power, 5%
I mentally face palmed myself, also checking the time but I knew I was dead for sure, that was it, my death will be in a pizzeria where some scaring looking animatronics perform on a stage for innocent children. My death must be the stupidest death in the history of deaths, world, why are you so unfair sometimes?
Should probably say something before my death . . . . . . I thought, glancing at the power percentage quickly while thinking of my last words. "Well world, kinda hated you from the start since you neVER LET SENPAI NOTICE ME!!! But sometimes, your okay I guess, like one second I'm happy, then next thing you know I'm burning down buildings for no reason, but anyway I-"

The lights turned off, the whole pizzeria was consumed by darkness. "Y-You didn't let me finish . . . ." I grumbled, sinking back into my super chair with wheels.

"[Name]~!" A robotic voice said, their footsteps getting closer and closer to the door until two blue eyes glowed in the darkness. By this time I was shaking so badly I thought a seizure just attacked me at the worse moment, but luckily it wasn't anything except the fact a robot was gonna kill me and nobody will even know about my death cause I'll be stuffed into a suit, just great.

The only thought was to throw the tablet at the animatronic to at least stall some time so I can run away and probably never come back, but as soon as I threw it, the animatronic caught it with its hand, setting the tablet on the desk before looking at me with those bright blue eyes shining in the darkness. "D-Don't-" I was interrupted as I felt a hand on my shoulder, making me panic until a I felt something sitting on my lap. I could tell it was facing in front of me as I felt a presence lean in closely to my face. "What a-are you-"

I felt a soft pair of lips on mine, kissing me passionately at first before getting more rough on the kiss, trying to explore my mouth but I quickly denied it, until I felt a hand on my thigh, slowly moving towards my girl zone. "S-Sto-" I said, breaking the kiss for at least a second yet the person's lips met mine once again, as it's hand slowly rubbed my girl zone.


"S-Stop I-it!!" I finally managed to push the person off of me, which was a good thing cause I almost died of suffocation, but that wasn't the point right now, as the person got up, their blue eyes stared into me, looking at me with pure lust.

"You're so cute [Name]~" He said, his voice panting slightly. "I should turn on the lights to show you your soul mate~"

"My soul mate is food for your information, son!" I shouted, getting up from my magical seat to walk away but it was dark, like I could legit walk into the wall and fall over onto the mysterious person.

Then the lights flicked on, and luckily I was no longer in the dark but I realized the person was actually the animatronic bear, Freddy. Even if he was just a robot he still looked kinda cute.

"Y-You . . . . ?" I whispered.

"[Name]! Finally we meet at last! I've been waiting for this moment~!" He squealed, which scared me even more. "Ah~! I don't know what to do you know . . . . . stuffing you is obviously out of the question of course, it took me a while to become human just for you~! Well, I shouldn't really think bad like that . . . . you're just to cute . . . heh . . ."


I noticed a wet spot where his crotch was, at first I thought he was on his period, but I looked up at his face as he blushed. "S-Sorry [Name], I just couldn't contain some of it... no need to worry! I'll happily give you some!" Freddy beamed, both doors to the office magically closing as the lights in here started to dim.


"I'll be as gentle as possible~!" He started to move towards me, but I quickly got up and tried to jump out the window, it didn't work, it was unbreakable I guess.

"W-What were you trying to do???" Freddy asked. I felt his hands on my shoulders. "WHAT WERE YOU TRYING TO DO?!?!" He yelled, throwing me back, making me fall onto the chair. "Y-You weren't trying to leave me . . . r-right?" Freddy laughed softly, turning face to glance at me. "You wouldn't leave me, why would I ask such a stupid question??"

He soon turned silent for a couple of seconds, before his smile came back. "Are you ready for Freddy?" He asked.


A/N I'm sorry for abandoning aLL OF YOU! ;-;
School had me so stressed I completely forgot about wattpad
Btw I want to thank you for all the requests I'm getting
I think the next one will be phone guy or Bonnie
I'll let you guys vote on that

Just keep requesting and hopefully I'll get to it soon

Sans X reader is currently in the process of writin but oNCE ITS THE WEEKEND I CAN HOPEFULLY FINISH THE FIRST CHAPTER


~ Pikachu

Yandere! FNAF x Reader - Yandere! Freddy x Reader (2024)
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